Schriftzug Intimbereichsbetreuer

Stop forced prostitution

Forced prostitution is the illegal practice of forcing people to work as prostitutes. Forced prostitution mainly affects women as well as female and male children – in the low percentage range, men are affected as well.

The coercion can be exercised through physical and psychological violence, deception (for example Loverboy method), blackmail, exploitation of a predicament or exploitation of the helplessness of the victim.

Forced prostitution is punished since 15 October 2016 in Germany under § 232a StGB.

Involuntary prostitution

Mostly young girls and women from Eastern Europe are lured by organized gangs (human trafficking) to Western Europe, for example, by promising them a lucrative job as a waitress or au pair. After their arrival, the papers are taken from them, so that they cannot move freely in a foreign country and remain dependent. Work is then in brothels, brothel hostels or on the streetwalking.

Voluntary prostitution

There are also many women (18 years +) who voluntarily pursue the activity of prostitution in Germany. Women who make a living out of this, female students who use it to finance their studies, and some women who occasionally want to earn a little extra income.

The border between voluntary and forced is fluid.

Prostitution is not punishable in Germany if it is pursued outside of restricted areas (small communities or reasons for the legal protection for children and young persons).

Help with forced prostitution

If you have the impression when visiting a lady that they are somehow forced to do their job, report it to the police immediately.

If you are forced into prostitution, you can also turn to the German police with confidence. Unlike in many other countries, the German police also helps prostitutes – and acts against pimps.

If you do not want to approach the police with your problem, there are various institutions that can help.

A small list of contact addresses that help with forced prostitution, among other things:

  1. Stoppt Zwangsprostitution – Beratung für Frauen in der Prostitution in Hessen
  2. BBMeZ – Beratung für Betroffene von Menschenhandel und Zwangsprostitution

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